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May 2 Thursday The Clemens family traveled by rail through the Harz Mountains, to Cassel (Kassel) [MTLE 3: 49-50]. They took rooms at the Hotel du Nord in Cassel [MTNJ 2: 73]. From Sam’s notebook: 

Who is buried here?


Then why the monument?

It is not a monument. It is a stove.

We had reverently removed our hats. We now put them on again.

In Europe they use safety matches & then entrust candles to drunken men, children, idiots, &c., & yet suffer little from fires, apparently. The idea of an open light in one of our houses makes us shudder.

The hatefulest thing in the world is a cuckoo clock [73-4].

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Unable to find any information about the Hotel du Nord except that it was located in front of the Hauptbahnhof .

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