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May 7 Tuesday Sam wrote from the Schloss Hotel in Heidelberg, Germany to Bayard Taylor. Sam wrote in German [MTLE 3: 51].

From Livy’s pen:

“As I write Mr. Clemens is writing Mr. Howells—Rosa is talking German as fast as she can to the children—She is very faithful in the matter talks no English to them and Susy is picking up a great deal of German—I shall try next week to get them a teacher” [Salsbury 77]. Note: The letter from Sam to Howells that Livy referred to is most likely lost.

May 7 to May 23 Thursday – Rodney calls this period “two weeks of sheer indolence” [98]. Livy made their suite more comfortable and set a routine. Sam noticed everything and jotted in his notebook.

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