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The Fitchburg Railroad is a former railroad company, which built a railroad line across northern Massachusetts, United States, leading to and through the Hoosac Tunnel. The Fitchburg was leased to the Boston and Maine Railroad in 1900. 

MilesCityStationConnections and notes

0.0BostonImage removed. North Station

0.6Charlestown[33]Flag stop after original Charlestown terminal closed in 1848

0.7Boston Engine TerminalA flag stop for railroad employees only

1.4SomervilleEast Cambridge[33]Closed by the late 19th century

2.0Union SquareClosed in 1938

2.6SomervilleClosed in 1938

3.4CambridgePorterFormerly North Cambridge and Cambridge

4.1West CambridgeJunction with Watertown Branch and Lexington Branch. Junction with Central Massachusetts Railroad from 1927 to 1952. Originally Brick Yards.

5.5BelmontHills CrossingJunction with Fitchburg Cutoff

6.4Belmont CenterOriginally Wellington Hill.


8.3WalthamClematis BrookJunction with the Central Massachusetts Railroad (after 1952); closed in June 1978.

9.3Beaver BrookClosed in June 1978.

9.9WalthamJunction with Watertown Branch.

10.6RiverviewClosed on January 17, 1965

11.5Brandeis/RobertsOriginally Roberts

12.2WestonStony BrookClosed around 1960.

13.2Kendal GreenOriginally Weston.

13.7HastingsClosed on December 14, 2020.

14.7Silver HillClosed on December 14, 2020.

16.7LincolnLincolnoriginally South Lincoln

17.8Baker Bridge


21.9West ConcordJunction with Framingham and Lowell Railroad.

25.3ActonSouth ActonJunction with Marlborough Branch.

26.8West ActonClosed on April 30, 1975.


30.1LittletonLittleton/Route 495

31.5LittletonClosed on April 30, 1975.

33.5AyerWillowsJunction with Stony Brook Branch after 1946; closed in 1961

36.1AyerJunction with Worcester, Nashua and Rochester Railroad and Peterborough and Shirley Railroad; junction with Stony Brook Branch until 1946.



45.2LeominsterNorth Leominster

49.5FitchburgFitchburgJunction with Fitchburg and Worcester Railroad



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