• Bed Tick Station

    Submitted by scott on Sun, 10/24/2021 - 13:18

    The 1861 Overland Mail Company contract listed Bed Tick as a passenger/mail station stop, and Bishop and Henderson placed Bed Tick as a station on their map between Fort Fetterman and Lapierelle (La Prele). The only other resource that identifies Bed Tick as a potential Pony Express station is Gregory Franzwa who noted Bed Tick Station in his Oregon Trail maps. However, Franzwa did not specifically identify it as a Pony Express stop.  (NPS)

  • Brimville Emergency Station

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    This station in Dixie Hollow was also commonly known as Dixie Creek , East Canyon, and Snyder’s Mill. The exact location has been a matter of considerable debate. Joe Nardone agrees with Mormon Trail authority Lamar Barrett that the station sat directly in the mouth of the draw, at a site marked by a pile of rocks. David and Susan Jabusch found no artifacts of any type during their initial and thorough survey.

  • East Canyon Station

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    Identified in the 1861 mail contract, local people also knew East Canyon Station as Dixie Hollow, Dixie Creek, Bauchmanns, and Snyder's Mill. Mr. Bauchmann and James McDonald managed station operations at the stone structure. Travelers and sheepherders used the station site as late as 1881. Today, the East Canyon Reservoir covers the historic site.  Bishop and Henderson listed East Canyon as a station between Wheaton Springs and Mountain Dale. 

  • Rockwell's Station

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    The west-bound pony rider proceeded south along today’s State Street to the next station which was located just south of the Utah State Prison. This was at Porter Rockwell’s Hot Springs Brewery Hotel. The hotel and brewery made this a popular stopping point for travelers. A large adobe barn stood at the site well in to the previous century. A stone monument (N40 29 10.0 W111 54 01.0), largely vandalized of plaques, can be found at the south-east corner of the prison compound and north of the highway.

  • Joe's Dugout Station

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    Joe’s Dugout (aka Dugout, Joe Butcher’s, Seven Mile). The site is on the pass between Utah Valley and Cedar Valley. Nothing remains. There is a monument (N40 21 23.0 W111 59 18.0) at the bottom of the pass on the east side.

  • South Platte Station

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    Frontz's/South Platte Station site is one of two stations within Colorado and was presumably two miles east of present Julesburg, in Sedgwick County. Sources generally agree on its identity as a station, known either as Frontz's or South Platte. A marker improperly identifies the site as Butte Station, which Merrill Mattes lists as a separate ranch known as Butt's or Burt's. Little more is known about this Pony Express station.  (NPS)