• Stormfield

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    Clemens met biographer Albert Bigelow Paine in 1906 while living in New York City. He decided to purchase 195 acres of land in Redding where Paine lived,[1] purchasing his first parcel there March 24, 1906 and buying additional acreage in May and September that year.[2]

  • March 19, 1906 Monday

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    March 19 Monday – At 21 Fifth Ave, N.Y. Sam wrote to W.T. Hall.

    I thank you very much for the clipping from the Atlantic [sic Atlanta] Evening News. I have waited these many years for you to hear me lecture, but now it is too late: I am taking my farewell of the platform three weeks hence. The hostiles say “But you are forgetting the gallows—” a joke which I am too proud & arrogant to notice [MTP].

    Isabel Lyon’s journal:

    Jean, 8:20  10:30

  • July 16, 1906 Monday

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    July 16 Monday – N.Y.C. 10 a.m. Sam wrote to Isabel V. Lyon in Dublin, N.H. 

    I have just arrived. Please thank my nephew Sam Moffett for me, & say I wonder at his sending a valuable letter to ‘Redding,’ a place I have no recollection of ever having heard of in my life. Preserve his statistics. / With love to Jean” [MTP].


  • August 13, 1906 Monday

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    August 13 Monday – Sam’s A.D. of this day (untitled) declared his admiration for the work of Rudyard Kipling, especially Kim; this A.D. segment was selected for MTE [310-12].

    Clemens’ A.D. this day included: Rudyard Kipling’s 1889 visit to Elmira continued—Some of his books mentioned [MTP: Autodict2].

    Isabel Lyon’s journal:

  • Summer 1908

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    Summer – Sometime during the summer of 1908, Clemens drafted his Constitution for the Angelfish. It follows:


    Issued By THE ADMIRAL


    Qualifications for Membership

    Sincerity, good disposition, intelligence, & school-girl age.

    Secrets of the Order

    Members of the Aquarium are forbidden to divulge its affairs to any but their parents & guardians.

  • June 18, 1908 Thursday

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    June 18 Thursday – The History of Redding website notes that Sam arrived at the West Redding Train Station shortly before 6 p.m on the Berkshire Express out of New York. The train made a special stop for Twain and thereafter continued the stop for his many visitors.

  • June 18, 1908 after

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    June 18 after – Maud W. Littleton wrote Sam a note on a postcard: “My dear Doctor Clemens —Why don’t you answer my last letter? Are you too busy or have you forgotten us? Martin was mightily set up over the nice things you said. My house will soon be finished — & then I am going to invite you again—with love…” [MTP]. Note: a similar postcard to Isabel Lyon is in file.

  • June 19, 1908 Friday

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    June 19 Friday – In Redding, Conn. Sam wrote to Dorothy Quick:

    Oh, this will never do! You are having altogether too good a time, you little rascal (because I am not in it.) Still, I’m glad. I mustn’t break into it now, but I’ll have to do it before long; you & your mother will have to pay me a visit here. I want you; & I want my other angel-fishes. I must have a couple of them under this roof all the time, from now until January. There will be 2 under it to-morrow, to stay a week, I hope.

  • June 21, 1908 Sunday

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    June 21 Sunday – The photograph of Clemens playing cards with Dorothy Harvey and her friend Pauline Martin, and Louise Paine was likely taken this day, the day after their arrival at Stormfield [MT Journal Spring/Fall 2006 p. 25].

    The New York Times, p. C2 under “Nearly 10,000 Guests Bidden to Windsor,” ran a final paragraph about Clara Clemens:

  • June 22, 1908 Monday

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    June 22 Monday – In Redding, Conn., Isabel Lyon wrote for Sam to Dorothy Quick.

    Dear Dorothy: / Mr. Clemens has just left for town, & he asks me to invite your mother & you to come up here on Thursday the second leaving N. Y. Central on the 4:15 train M for Redding. Mr. Clemens & Mr. Paine will be on the same train. Please do not disappoint Mr. Clemens. He sends you much love, & to your mother too. / Yours Ever / I. V. Lyon [MTP].

  • June 23, 1908 Tuesday

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    June 23 Tuesday – John J. McCowan for the Actors Society of America wrote from NYC. He planned to enter vaudeville dressed up as Mark Twain, if Clemens had no objection [MTP]. Note: IVL: “Answd / June 29, 08; Please refer him to Miss Elizabeth Marbury 1430 Broadway”

    Mr. & Mrs. Whitelaw Reid sent an engraved invitation to the wedding of his daughter Jean Reid to John Hubert Ward on June 23 at Dorchester House [MTP].

  • June 24, 1908 Wednesday

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    June 24 Wednesday – In Princeton, N.J.. ex-president Grover Cleveland succumbed to a heart attack. His last words were, “I tried so hard to do right.” Sam consistenly held the man in high esteem, and wrote condolences to Cleveland’s widow on June 25.

    Alice Minnie Herts for the Children’s Educational Theatre wrote to Sam announcing their move and asking for “a good picture of yourself” [MTP]. Note: IVL: “Answd/ June 29, 08 / Say, yes. For her to get the photo & Mr. Clemens will present it. Mr. C. is in his country home”

  • June 25, 1908 Thursday

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    June 25 Thursday – In Redding, Conn. Sam wrote to Frances F. Cleveland (Mrs. Grover Cleveland) in Princeton, N.J..: “Your husband was a man I knew and loved and honored for twenty-five years. I mourn with you. S.L. Clemens” [MTP]. Note: for some reason the NY Times reported this as June 26 [June 27, p.2, “From Mark Twain to Mrs. Cleveland”].  

  • June 26, 1908 Friday

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    June 26 Friday – In Redding, Conn. Sam wrote to H.H. Rogers.

    Dear Mr. Rogers: / Will you & Mrs. Rogers come & pay me a visit? I hope you can, & that you will give me that pleasure. I have been in the house a week, now, & am nearly wonted. I am sending this note to New York, as you were still there & making preparations for Bermuda when I last heard of you, which was a week ago.

  • June 28, 1908 Sunday

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    June 28 Sunday – In Redding, Conn. Sam wrote to Dorothy Quick.

    Dorothy dear, bring with you a doll about 8 inches long—Paine’s little daughter Frances will fetch a doll when she comes up the hill to visit you, & you and she can have a fine domestic time together./ With lots of love” [MTP; MTAq 181]. Note: Frances Paine was a younger sister to Louise Paine.

  • June 29, 1908 Monday

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    June 29 Monday – Sam and Albert Bigelow Paine left Redding and traveled to Boston, where they took rooms at the Touraine Hotel. Before they left,  Paine wrote a letter for Sam to Dorothy Quick, then followed it with a telegram and another letter. The first letter:

  • June 30, 1908 Tuesday

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    June 30 Tuesday – In the morning, Sam and Paine traveled to Portsmouth, N.H. for the dedication of the Thomas Bailey Aldrich Memorial Museum, an event staged by Lillian Aldrich.

    The New York Times, July 1, p. 16 covered the event:



    Notable Speakers at Opening of Poet’s Home as Museum.

  • July 1908

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    July – Sometime during the month a lawn party was held by the Mark Twain Library Association at Harry A. Lounsbury’s home. Another party at the same location was held in August [MT Library minutes copied by Tenney, Nov. 15, 1981].

    Amo Umbstaetter and Elizabeth Atwood wrote from Lovell, Maine to thank Sam for his letter and autographs. Signed, “Your little friends” [MTP].


  • July 1, 1908 Wednesday

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    July 1 Wednesday – Sam and Albert B. Paine were still in Boston at the Hotel Touraine, staying the third night there [July 5 to Sturgis]. According to Paine:

    Clemens did not wish to hurry in the summer heat, and we remained another day quietly sight- seeing, and driving around and around Commonwealth Avenue in a victoria in the cool of the evening. Once, remembering Aldrich, he said: