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June 19, 1885:  The Clemens family took a special car from New York to Elmira,

June 27, 1885:  In the morning, the Clemens family left Mrs. Langdon’s home for Quarry Farm.

June 29, 1885:  Sam left Quarry Farm at 6 AM. Traveling all day to Mt. McGregor, New York, in the Adirondacks, and arriving at 8.40

July 2, 1885:  Sam left Mt. McGregor and went to New York City, returning to Hartford on the 3rd.

July 11, 1885:  Sam left for New York, where he stayed two days.

Livy wrote in her diary on July 26:  "Since I wrote in my journal on the 12th we have all had a pleasant trip to the soft-coal regions with Charley [Langdon] and his family. Charley, Ida, Julia, Jervis, Josie Clark, Mr. Clemens, Susy, Clara and I made up the party." [MTP].   No mention is made of just where they went.  Soft-coal is a descriptive term for bituminous coal.

July 23, 1885:   General Ulysses S. Grant died. Sam took a ten-hour train ride to New York City, arriving in the early evening.

July 24, 1885:  Sam went to Hartford for undisclosed business. 

July 26, 1885:  Sam returned to New York City, from whence he traveled back to Elmira,

August 1, 1885:  New York City, returning home August 10th.

August 10, 1885:  Returned to Elmira.

August 24, 1885:  Sam and Livy left the children with the Cranes at Quarry Farm and took a trip to Albany, where they stayed at the home of Dean Sage

August 25, 1885:  Sam, Livyand the Sages traveled to Mt. Onteora, New York in the Catskills near Tannersville to visit Candace Wheeler (Mrs. Thomas M. Wheeler), mother of Dora Wheeler Keith, the artist. 

August 28, 1885:  Sam and Livy traveled from Onteora back to New York City, and then on to Quarry Farm the next day. 

September 15, 1885:  The Clemens family left Elmira and Quarry Farm and traveled to New York City.

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