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From Sacramento, "They steamed inland on the Flora to Marysville on the Feather River..."  (pg 356 Scharnhorst V1)

From Marysville,  "They then took a stage to Grass Valley..." 

Scharhorst reports that Twain spent the night in Meadow Lake, a mining camp  where Orion had previously lived.  It is currently a ghost town on the map called Summit City.

Clemens, who was traveling with his friend and lecture manager Denis E. McCarthy (“Mac”), had delivered his Sandwich Islands lecture in You Bet (Nevada County, California) on 25 October, and planned to lecture next in Virginia City, Nevada. En route, they stopped in Meadow Lake (Nevada County) on 26 October and remained overnight, traveling south early the next morning to Cisco (formerly Heaton Station, Placer County). From there they took the Pioneer stage to Virginia City, arriving that same evening.   Mark Twain Project

It should be noted that in attempting to plot the stage coach route over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I used USGS kmz formatted topographic maps from 1891 and 1892 that show roads that, to my eye, best follow routes through this treacherous terrain.  A major section from Red Dog to Meadow Lake includes the Chalk Bluff Road.  From north of Meadow Lake to Verdi, in Nevada, is the primary freight route of the day, the Henness Pass road.

Intro at Red Dog:  Ladies and Gentlemen, I shall not waste any unnecessary time in the introduction. I don't know anything about this man; at least I know only two things about him; one is that has never been in the Penitentiary, and another is that I can't image why.

(The Trouble Begins at Eight)

Be them your natural tones of eloquence?

Flora (sternwheel steamer): The ship was built for the company's trade with Marysville, and thus had an exceptionally shallow draft of 11 inches. She was launched in 1865 then acquired by the California Pacific Railroad Company in 1871.

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