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Sam's summer residence for 1907; from May 14 to June 7th, when he travels to England to receive an Honorary Doctorate from Oxford; returning again on July 23rd.

September 21st:  Sam departed Tuxedo Park for New York City and boarded the Kanawha, cruising to Jamestown for the Ter-Centennial (300th anniversary of the founding of the colony) and the Robert Fulton Day Ceremonies.  He returned to Tuxedo Park September 26th.

October 24th:  Same returns to his New York City Address.

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While parsing through the Day By Day entries I came to Twain’s visit Jamestown for the Ter-Centennial, the 300th anniversary of the founding of the colony, which included Robert Fulton Day Ceremonies. Fulton is significant to the prevalent image of Mark Twain because of their respective associations with steamboats.