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September 30 Wednesday – At Arles, France

October 1 Thursday – In Nimes, France at the Hotel Manivet,

October 2 Friday – Sam and Joseph Verey left Arles for Avignon, France [2nd letter to Livy, Sept.28; NB 31 TS 7]

October 3 Saturday – Sam’s notebook: Avignon. Oct. 3.—leaving, 11 am.

Sam and Joseph Verey traveled by rail back to Ouchy-Lausanne, Switzerland, arriving, if Sam’s plans were accurate, about 11 a.m. Sam then reunited with the family at the Grand Hotel Beau Rivage

October 4 Sunday – Sam may have returned after midnight (Oct. 3-4). His notebook simply gives Oct. 4 as “Go to Ouchy”

October 5 Monday – The planned day to leave Ouchy-Laussane for Berlin. According to Rodney, the family made this long trip in two days, stopping at Basel, Switzerland [138] and then Frankfurt,

October 6 Tuesday – A travel day for the Clemens party on their way to Berlin. Sam’s notebook: Strassburg, Oct. 6.—Arles is very well, perhaps; but this is the place for pretty girls, apparently [NB 31 TS 8].

October 7 Wednesday – Stopping at Frankfurt on the Main (Frankfurt) the Clemens party may have spent the night at the Hotel Continental.

October 8 Thursday – Another travel day for the Clemens party, making the last leg from Frankfurt to Berlin, some 340 miles, by train.