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June 13 Monday – Sam left Bad Nauheim alone and traveled to Bremen, Germany, where he would take passage the following day for New York [June 12 to Fiske]. He took a room ath the Hotel de l’Europe in Bremen [NB 31 TS 53].
Sam’s notebook: “Arrived here at 5.23 June 13 — left Nauheim 9.05 a.m.” [NB 31 TS 53].

June 14 Tuesday – In Bremen, Germany   Sam left Bremen for New York in the steamer Havel.

Bremen to New York:  Havel

June 15 Wednesday – Sam was en route to New York City on the Havel.
June 22 Wednesday – Sam arrived in New York City
June 24 Friday – Sam took the train to Hartford.
June 25 Saturday – Sam spent the day in Hartford on business, and likely left for Elmira,
June 26 Sunday – Sam was in Elmira
June 27 Monday – In Elmira he took an afternoon train headed for Chicago. The trip west likely took all night and part of the next day.
June 28 Tuesday – Sam arrived in Chicago.  He registered at the Metropole Hotel under a psuedonym.

Paine writes of Sam’s quick trip to the Windy City:

“Clemens, who had been negotiating again with the Mallorys for the disposal of his machine royalties, thought it proper to find out just what was going on. He remained in America less than two weeks, during which he made a flying trip to Chicago and found that Paige’s company really had a factory started, and proposed to manufacture fifty machines. It was not easy to find out the exact status of this new company, but Clemens at least was hopeful enough of its prospects to call off the negotiations with the Mallorys which had promised considerable cash in hand."

June 29 Wednesday – Sam left Chicago by train for New York and Hartford [Aug. 13 to Daly].

Lake Shore & Mich Southern & N.Y. Central. To-day a man timed the train & said we were making 65 miles an hour. The porter says we sometimes make 70, & that over a distance of 400 miles we average 62. Over there, the fastest train goes from Frankfort to Nauheim in 40 minutes (25 miles). — 37½ miles an hour [NB 31 TS 55].

June 30 Thursday – Sam was in transit by train to New York and Hartford.
July 1 Friday – In Hartford
July 2 Saturday  – At the Glenham Hotel in New York,

New York to Bremen:  SS Lahn

July 5 Tuesday – In the afternoon, Sam sailed again for Bremen, Germany on the S.S. Lahn.