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June 15, 1886:   The Clemens family and governess Rosa Hay (a party of six) left Hartford for Elmira and spent the night at the [Sam to Orion June 2] Gedney House at 40th Street and Broadway in New York 

June 21, 1886:  The Clemens family and governess Rosa Hay left Elmira and traveled by rail to Rochester.  They had returned to Elmira by July 10th.

July 30, 1886:  New York

August 1 Sunday – In Lawrence, New York (Long Island)

August 2 Monday – In New York City, about to leave for Philadelphia,

August 4, 1886:  Hartford

August 5, 1886:  Returns to Elmira

September 17, 1886:  Family departs Elmira for New York, and return to Hartford.

September 27, 1886:  Clemens family back in Hartford.

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June 22 Tuesday – The Clemens party sailed from Buffalo in the steamer India headed for DuluthMinn.

June 27 Sunday – The Clemens family reached Duluth, Minn

June 28 Monday – The Clemens family traveled by rail from Duluth to St. Paul, Minn.

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