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The first continental European city visited by Mark Twain. He first arrived on July 4, 1867 as a passenger on the Quaker City and the next day left for Paris. He returned toboard the Quaker City July 13. While there, he visited the zoological gardens and Castle d'If. (Mark Twain A to Z) When the Quaker City arrived in Marseilles on the evening of 4 July, Clemens, Jackson, and Slote left the ship, taking rooms at the Grand Hôtel du Louvre et de la Paix, the largest hotel in the city, on Rue Noailles. Jackson quipped that it had “a very long and magnificent name for a very moderately good hotel.” They left Marseilles on the evening of 5 July (not “tomorrow,” 6 July), arriving in Paris the following evening (Baedeker 1886, 393, 396; Abraham Reeves Jackson 1867 [bib10724]). 

SLC to Jane Lampton Clemens and Family, 21 and 29 June; 1, 3, and 5 July 1867, Azores, Portugal (UCCL 00139), n. 1. 

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