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Sam saw Nat Goodwin, actor and vaudevillian, on the train going to Philadelphia. Goodwin told Sam he was “very anxious to play” the Sellers as Scientist [Feb. 27 to Howells]. In the evening Sam and Cable gave a reading to an audience of about 3,000 at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, Penn. Clemens included: “A Dazzling Achievement,” “Tragic Tale of the Fishwife,” “Incorporated Company of Mean Men,” and “The Bluejay’s Mistake” [MTPO].

Fatout, citing Pond’s finance records says the $918 take reflected a crowd of one thousand [Circuit 218].

From Cable to his wife on Feb. 27:It was the finest sight I have ever looked at from the platform. And I had great success. As to Mark his was not up to high water mark though — excuse me, the pun was accidental — he created much enthusiasm. I don’t see what is the matter with him except that he seems tired out. [Turner, MT & GWC 113].

See Touring with Cable and Huck for review.

I don't know the route taken to Philadelphia February of 1885 as I don't know where he departed from: New York City? Newark, New Jersey? Orange, New Jersey?