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Sam was introduced to tobogganing by 74 young ladies from Helmuth Female College, “2 1⁄2 miles” out from town. It was twelve below zero. You sit in the midst of a row of girls on a long broad board with its front curled up, & away you go, like lightning....the sport was so prodigiously exciting & entertaining that it was well for us it was cut short by telephonic message that the train was being held for us; otherwise we should have tired ourselves to death...Tobagganing is very violent fun...[Feb. 15 to Livy; MTP].

Sam and Cable gave a reading in Toronto, Canada, again at the Horticultural Gardens Pavilion. This time the audience was only half as large as their Dec. 8 and 9 sellouts a few weeks before [Roberts 22].

Sunday, February 15, 1885:     

While Sam most likely slept in, Cable attended morning service at a Toronto Methodist church, and again at a 3 PM Sunday school [Roberts 22].

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