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Boarding the DiligenceSeptember 7 Saturday – Sam and Joe returned by rail to Geneva, where the family waited.

Fears may be in error here. Twain writes in "A Tramp Abroad":

We reached the hotel before nine o'clock. Next morning we left for Geneva on top of the diligence, under shelter of a gay awning. If I remember rightly, there were more than twenty people up there. It was so high that the ascent was made by ladder. The huge vehicle was full everywhere, inside and out. Five other diligences left at the same time, all full. We had engaged our seats two days beforehand, to make sure, and paid the regulation price, five dollars each; but the rest of the company were wiser; they had trusted Baedeker, and waited; consequently some of them got their seats for one or two dollars. Baedeker knows all about hotels, railway and diligence companies, and speaks his mind freely. He is a trustworthy friend of the traveler.

They apparently took the southern route back to Geneva.  A note in "Notebooks and Journals" V2:  Study the profiles of mountains.  A most noble one between St. Gervais & Sallanche, on opposite side of valley."

September 8 Sunday – Joe Twichell left Switzerland to return home. Sam saw him off at the station.

September 10 Tuesday – Sam wanted to show Livy some of the best scenery of his latest excursion with Joe. His notebook: “Started to Chamonix with 2 horse-wagon. They may have stopped in Chambéry, France.  [This is unlikely as Chambéry is very much out of the way for a quick trip to Chamonix.]  “As soon as you strike French territory out of Geneva you find the road strewn with crosses & beggars”.

September 11 Wednesday – Sam and Livy spent a day in Chamonix at the foot of Mont Blanc.

September 12 Thursday – Sam and Livy returned to Geneva.

Sam wrote on Sept. 13 that it was nine hours each way.