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June 13 Monday – Sam left Bad Nauheim alone and traveled to Bremen, Germany, where he would take passage the following day for New York [June 12 to Fiske]. He took a room ath the Hotel de l’Europe in Bremen [NB 31 TS 53].
Sam’s notebook: “Arrived here at 5.23 June 13 — left Nauheim 9.05 a.m.” [NB 31 TS 53].

June 14 Tuesday – In Bremen, Germany   Sam left Bremen for New York in the steamer Havel.

Bremen to New York:  Havel

June 15 Wednesday – Sam was en route to New York City on the Havel.
June 22 Wednesday – Sam arrived in New York City
June 24 Friday – Sam took the train to Hartford.
June 25 Saturday – Sam spent the day in Hartford on business, and likely left for Elmira,
June 26 Sunday – Sam was in Elmira
June 27 Monday – In Elmira he took an afternoon train headed for Chicago. The trip west likely took all night and part of the next day.
June 28 Tuesday – Sam arrived in Chicago.  He registered at the Metropole Hotel under a psuedonym.
June 29 Wednesday – Sam left Chicago by train for New York and Hartford [Aug. 13 to Daly].
June 30 Thursday – Sam was in transit by train to New York and Hartford.
July 1 Friday – In Hartford
July 2 Saturday  – At the Glenham Hotel in New York,

New York to Bremen:  SS Lahn

July 5 Tuesday – In the afternoon, Sam sailed again for Bremen, Germany on the S.S. Lahn.