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Steamboat: D. A. JANUARY
• Built: 1857
• Tonnage: 440
• Clemens' Service: 16 July - early Aug 1857
• Pilot: Horace Bixby
• Captain: Patrick Yore

NOTE: New research by Michael Marleau indicates that during this time frame Clemens most likely made a trip up the Missouri River with pilot Horace Bixby aboard the D. A. JANUARY. Edgar Branch never placed Clemens on the Missouri River and had previously theorized that Clemens was on board the RUFUS J. LACKLAND from 11 July to 3 August 1857. Further research by Michael Marleau includes a new interpretation of Clemens' personal journals and indicates the 1859 dates are the most likely dates of service for the RUFUS J. LACKLAND as a licensed pilot.

The Day By Day dates are based on the Edgar Branch source.

According to Michael Marleau, Sam did journey west to St. Joseph on the Missouri River with Horace Bixby, aboard the D. A. January.  Rather, they made two trips together from St. Louis.  The first, between July 16 and July 23, 1857; and, the second, between July 25 and August 1.  Marleau writes: "Due to low water conditions on the Mississippi, and the number of steamboats laid up, many pilots were idle without positions...  Bixby's intent now was to learn to pilot the Missouri River,  Due to their articled arrangement, Clemens was bonded to Bixby; if the pilot was going to the Missouri, so was his steersman."

Marleau goes on to note that upon their return to St. Louis in August, Bixby recalled that Clemens had not wanted to learn the Missouri so they struck a new bargain, amending the articles and Bixby turned the teaching over to Sobieski Jolly, on the John J. Roe.  Bixby and Clemens would not join up again until October of 1858 on the New Falls City.