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June 7, 1881:  Sam returns to Hartford.

June 8, 1881:  Sam gave a speech at the Army of the Potomac Banquet, Allyn House, Hartford:

June 9, 1881:  Sam went with a party by train to West Point for graduation festivities.  He returns to Hartford June 11th.

June 13, 1881:  Sam and Livy traveled to Hartford and met George W. Cable

August 4, 1881:  The family departed Branford and headed for Elmira, via Hartford and New York City. Arrived in Elmira August 6th at 9pm.

August 23, 1881:  Sam departed Elmira for Boston via Albany and Hartford, back in Elmira by the 30th.

September 12, 1881:  Sam went to Fredonia via Rochester, departing there on the 15th and returning to Elmira via Buffalo.  Arriving in Elmira on the evening on the 16th.

September 20, 1881:  The family departs Elmira, traveling to New York.  They returned to Hartford on the 22nd or 23rd.

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