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The City of Florence became Twain's favorite Italian city, despite his first experiences in 1867. Annexed by Sardinia in 1860, it was the Kingdom of Italy's first capital from 1865 to 1870, when Rome joined the kingdom.
Sam first arrived here by train, with companions from the Quaker City, July 23, 1867. They departed on the noon train for Pisa July 25th. (Mark Twain Project: Quaker City Itinerary). In October of 1878, he and his family stayed for two weeks (see A Tramp Abroad). Again in May of 1892 for two weeks returning the following September when they leased a villa until June of 1893. In November of 1903, with his wife, Livy, in ill-health, the family rented a villa outside of Florence until Livy died, June 1904. "The final stay was mostly unpleasant. Aside from Livy's deteriorating health, their house was unsatisfactory and their landlady-an American turned Italian countess-was intolerable." (Mark Twain A to Z)

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