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Some of the Quaker City’s passengers had arrived in Venice from Switzerland and other lands before we left there, and others were expected every day. We heard of no casualties among them, and no sickness.

We were a little fatigued with sight seeing, and so we rattled through a good deal of country by rail without caring to stop. I took few notes. I find no mention of Bologna in my memorandum book, except that we arrived there in good season, but saw none of the sausages for which the place is so justly celebrated. Pistoia awoke but a passing interest.

From Padua to Bologna by Ferrara .    (Bædeker pp 221-227)

From the Handbook for Travelers

Railway Express in 4 1|4 hrs., 16 fr. 55 c . or 13 fr . ; ord . Trains from Bologna to Pistoja in 4 hrs. , thence to Florence in 1 1/ 2 hr . ; fares to Pistoja 11 fr. 80 , 8 fr. 65 , 6 fr. 50 c. ; to Florence 13 fr. 80 , 11 fr. 20 , 8 fr . 40 c .