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Clemens and his party arrived in Jerusalem at noon on 23 September after departing the village of Lubban at 2:30 that morning. Riding ahead of their tents and equipment, they took rooms at the Mediterranean Hotel, “a large and commodious house, well situated near the British Consulate, and not far from the Damascus gate,” according to a contemporary guidebook. Clemens noted to himself: “Loafed all the afternoon in the Mediterranean Hotel.” But judging from the entries in his notebook, Clemens spent all of the following day inspecting the landmarks of the city (Murray, 1:73; N&J1, 432–35).

SLC to Mr. Esais, 24 Sept 1867, Jerusalem, Syria (UCCL 00149), n. 1.

Sam and companions reached Jerusalem at noon September 23, 1867. From here they took a two day side trip to Jericho and another to the Jordan River and the Dead Sea, camping at Mar Saba. The party departed Jerusalem September 29, 1867 at 3:00pm for Ramla. Mark Twain Project: Quaker City Itinerary

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