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October – Sam copied (in German) the last six stanzas of Moritz Ernest Arndt’s (1769-1860) song, “Das Lied vom Feldmarschall” (1813) into his notebook [Gribben 27].

October, a Sunday – Sam wrote from Hartford to James B. Pond, asking for a “list of our appointments & dates as far as you have got” for Livy. Sam wanted the list “immediately.” Her “acceptance or declination of an invitation to spend several days in Boston is depending on it” [MTP].

On a day in October, Sam also wrote to Charles Webster, asking him to “Look into that hand-grenade thing” to see if it was worth a speculation. “It is going to do an enormous business some day” [MTP]. Note: the Hayword Hand Grenades were a rack of small bottles of sealed water, to be thrown into a fire.

Day By Day Acknowledgment

Mark Twain Day By Day was originally a print reference, meticulously created by David Fears, who has generously made this work available, via the Center for Mark Twain Studies, as a digital edition.