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October, early – Thomas and Candace Wheeler returned the visit to the Clemenses in Hartford, who for a “lark” went with the Sages in late August to Onteora near Tannersville, New York [MTNJ 3: 178n2]. Dora Wheeler, daughter, drew a flower in Sam’s notebook during this stay. Sam drew another flower on the opposing page and labeled hers “Marsh-mallow By Dora Wheeler” [MTNJ 3: 221].

Harper’s Monthly Magazine printed an article “A Model State Capital,” by George Parsons Lathrop, which included some remarks by Sam on his Hartford house. Sam didn’t have a name for his house, just a number, though there wasn’t a number on it anywhere. Note: this was also printed as “Mark Twain’s House” by the Hartford CourantSept. 23, 1885 p1.

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