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July 21 Sunday – In Saranac Lake, N.Y. Sam wrote to F.R. Underwood, about the circular to be used by R.G. Newbegin Co. in the sale of Sam’s Uniform Edition through American Publishing Co.

I have tried to embody your entirely reasonable request, and I enclose herewith the result. I think it is in proper form for use in a private circular, either through the mails or by the canvasser, or both; but it is not well suited for publication as an advertisement, since it would suggest to the public that there is friction—and also of a private sort—therefore not [a] matter of concern to them, and not proper to be intruded upon them. I will ask Mr. (H.H.) Rogers to examine the circular, and to forward it to you if it meets with his approval

[MTP: Am. Art Assoc. catalogs, 24 Nov. 1924, Item 87].

The New York World Sunday Magazine ran W.B. Northrop’s interview with Mark Twain, done at “The Lair” in Saranac, p. 1-2, “Mark Twain in the Woods” [MTCI 394-98].

Day By Day Acknowledgment

Mark Twain Day By Day was originally a print reference, meticulously created by David Fears, who has generously made this work available, via the Center for Mark Twain Studies, as a digital edition.