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August – Budd writes that Sam’s article “The United States of Lyncherdom” first published in Europe and Elsewhere (1923) was “written in August 1901” [Collected 2: 1006]. Note: J. Kaplan and others write that Sam was motivated by the Aug. 19 race riot and lynching of three Negro men in Pierce City, Mo. Some 300 blacks were chased into the woods during the riot [364]. This suggests that Sam wrote the piece after Aug. 19, but the Century Co. sent at least one packet of newspaper clippings on lynchings, lynch mobs, and courageous sherrif on June 19. Clearly, Sam was working on this article before August.

Arthur Reed Kimball’s article, “The New Provincialism,” ran in Atlantic Monthly, p. 260. Wells: “Kimball credits Twain with coining the phrase ‘playing the same game’ to refer to the empty activities that are characteristic of modern life” [25].

Murat Halstead’s article, “Happenings to Humorists: Tales of Three of the Old Masters” ran in Criterion, p. 15-18. Tenney: “Anecdotes of Atemus Ward, Ned Sothern, and MT” [34].

Mark Lee Luther’s article, “Mark Twain and the First Nevada Legislature,” ran in the Aug.-Sept. issue of Out West: A Magazine of the Old Pacific and the New, p.144-149. Tenney: “Describes a copy of the Territorial Enterprise, quotes extensively from RI, defends the legislature against ‘the implication of selfish incompetence,’ comparing Nevada legislative records with MT’s account, but gives little other new information” [35].

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