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June – Sam wrote from Hartford to Charles Webster advising him that Woodman, Dan Slote’s former partner, might be someone valuable to consult on scrapbook matters [MTP].

Sam inscribed: “S.L. Clemens, Hartford, June, 1881” on the flyleaf of Charles Anthon’s (1797-1867) Classical Dictionary (1880), which treated Greek and Roman literature and history [Gribben 25].

Sam wrote a doggerel parody of Thomas Haynes Bayly’s old poem and song, “Gaily the Troubadour,” which Sam had heard in his Hannibal days. The work celebrated Osgood’s departure for a European holiday. Part of the original lyrics followed by Sam’s parody:

Gaily the Troubadour / Touch’d his guitar, ‘ When he was hastening / Home from the war.

Gaily the Osgoodar / Smoked his cigar, / When he was contempla- / Ting his depar

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