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"In Hannibal on Tuesday, the thirteenth, Twain and Cable stayed with friends, Pond "made out," though badly, at the Park Hotel. A flood of reminiscences was set off among the residents by Sam Clemens' return to his old home, and a sizable crowd attended the reading, though not as large, Ozias noted cynically, as in other places. Clemens was, of course, in great demand among old friends." From Cardwell page 44

On November 11, 1884 Sam wrote from Boston to James B. Pond, sending revised programs for two New York nights. Jan. 13 was one of the open dates there and Sam hoped he might read in Hannibal, Mo. on Jan. 12 and the next night in Keokuk. He advised Pond not to “sell the show” in Hannibal but to write to Sam\’s old schoolmate, John H. Garth and he\’d put Pond in touch with the right people. Sam wished to give all of his Hannibal proceeds to “some charity of the town” [MTP]. "

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