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From Boston to Providence:  the Boston and Providence Railroad.

November 9 - Harrington's Opera House, Providence, Rhode Island

November 10 - Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts

November 11 - Trinity Church, Charlestown, Massachusetts

The journey from Boston to Norwich would have begun on the Boston and Providence Railroad to Readville;  the Norfolk County to near Thompson; then the Norwich and Worcester to Norwich.

November 13 - Norwich, Connecticut

Possible Venue:  in 1842, a group gathered primarily from Norwich’s Second Congregational Church formed a new congregation which met in the town hall until their own church building was constructed on Main Street in 1845. Known as the Main Street Congregational Church, they eventually built a new building on Broadway after the Main Street structure was destroyed by fire in 1854. The Broadway Congregational Church, a much larger building than the first, was built in the Romanesque Revival style between 1855 and 1857.

November 14 Sunday – Clemens stayed another night in Norwich. See Nov. 15 to Livy.

Traveling from Norwich to Clinton:  Norwich and Worcester Railroad to Worcester; then the Fitchburg and Worcester to Clinton.

November 15 - Clinton Hall, Clinton, Massachusetts

Here I am in a hotel—the Clinton House—& a villainous one it is—shabby bed, shabby room, shabby furniture, dim lights—everything shabby & disagreeable [MTL 3: 395]. Note: This letter shows that Sam stayed over in Norwich two nights.

From Clinton to Holyoke:  Fitchburg and Worcester Railroad to Worcester;  Boston & Albany RR to Springfield;  Connecticut River railroad to Holyoke.

November 16 - Holyoke, Massachusetts

I left Boston without baggage, thinking I would go back there from Norwich the same night—but the trains left at such inconvenient hours that I went from there to Clinton—found a similar state of things — came straight here. But as I am clear out of shirts (wore this one yesterday) I shall take an early train to Boston tomorrow before I go to Danvers.

The train from Boston to Danvers does not have a name in the KML maps.  The USGS maps for 1888, 1892 and 1893 show the line to be the Boston and Maine RR.

November 17 - Gothic Hall, Danvers, Massachusetts

Return to Boston then take the Norfolk County Line to Jamaica Plain.

November 19 - Town Hall, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

In Boston Nov 20,  The route taken from Boston to Hartford is unknown but it does seem to have involved the New York and New England Railroad, at least some of its precursors.

November 23 - Allyn Hall, Hartford, Connecticut

November 26 - Unidentified town (mentioned in a letter from SLC to Olivia Clemens)

Twain was in Boston on the 28th and its possible he took the Boston & Albany the short distance from Boston to Newtonville.

November 29 - Congregational Church, Newtonville, Massachusetts

Boston to Thompsonville would require the Boston and Albany and the New Haven, Hartford and Springfield Railroad.   Following the Thompsonville lecture Twain would have continued on the NH,H&S to Hartford.

November 30 - Thompsonville, Connecticut

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