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January 1 to 5 Wednesday  Sam spent these days with Livy in Elmira [MTL 4: 3].

From Horseheads to Owego the train would be the New York and Erie.  

January 4 - Wilson Hall, Oswego, New York

January 4 Tuesday  Sam and Livy traveled thirty miles east of Elmira where Sam lectured (“Savages”) in Wilson Hall, Owego, New York. They returned to Elmira that evening [MTL 4: 5n2].

January 5 Wednesday  Sam left at 8 PM and traveled overnight by train from Elmira to New York City [MTL 4: 2n1, 3].

The probable rpoute would have been on the New York and Erie to New York then the New York and Harlem to Amenia.

January 6 - Amenia, New York

“The Amenia train has been changed to 3.30 instead of 4, PM., & so it is just right. I can arrive there at 7.21, whoop my lecture & clear out again.”

The Boston & Albany to Albany and the Albany and Vermont to Cohoes.

January 7 - Egberts Hall, Cohoes, New York

January 8 Saturday  At midnight in the Troy House, Troy, New York, Sam wrote to Livy

The short trip back to Albany could have been aboard the Troy and Greenbush or the Albany and Vermont.

January 10 - Tweddle Hall, Albany, New York

January 11 - Union Place Hall, West Troy, New York

Hudson River RR

January 12 - Rondout, New York

Hudson River RR to Albany; Troy and Greenbush RR to Troy; Troy and Bennington RR to Eagle Bridge; and Rutland and Washington to Cambridge.

January 13 - Ackley Hall, Cambridge, New York

Returns to Cohoes then takes the New York Central to Utica.

January 14 - Mechanic's Hall, Utica, New York

New York Central to Syracuse then the Oswego and Syracuse to Oswego

January 15 - Doolittle Hall , Oswego, New York

January 15 Saturday  Sam wrote after midnight from the Baggs Hotel in Utica, New York to Livy

January 17 - First Methodist Church, Baldwinsville, New York

From Baldwinsville to Ogdensburg the road starts with the Oswego and Syracuse to Oswego.  From Oswego to Richland the 1870 files have no name for the railroad but the line would eventually belong to the New York Central and Hudson River.  From Richland to Philadelphia ran the Watertown and Rome Railroad, from Philadelphia to DeKalb Junction ran the Potsdam and Watertown Railroad.  From DeKalb Junction to Ogdensburg the 1870 files have no name for the railroad but this, too would eventually be owned by the New York Central and Hudson River  Railroad.

January 18 - Ogdensburg, New York

It would be a long journey from Ogdensburg to Buffalo.  It would likely entail returning to Oswego then to Syracuse and Rochester and then to Buffalo.  Day By Day mentions his letter to Livy remarking on his departing Buffalo at 4pm.  This should probably have been included in the entry for the 20th not the 18th.  The 1870 kml files have no name for the railway from Buffalo to Dunkirk.

January 19 - Normal School Chapel, Fredonia, New York

I left Buffalo at 4 PM yesterday, & went to Dunkirk, & thence out to Fredonia by horse-car, ‸(3 miles)‸ rattled my lecture through, took horse-car again & just caught 9.45 t P.M. train bound east—sat up & smoked to Salamanca (midn (12.30,) stripped & went to bed in a sleeping car till two hours & a half, & then got up a & came ashore here at 3 o’clock this morning.—& had a strong temptation to lie still an hour or two longer & go to Elmira. But I resisted it. By coming through in the night, I saved myself 2 hours extra travel.

By the time he reached Hornellsville at 3 a.m. on 20 January, he had lectured twice (at Ogdensburg and Fredonia) and traveled more than 350 miles, all within thirty-one hours. After lecturing in Hornellsville on 20 January, he had to travel 80 miles west to Jamestown, where he concluded his tour the following evening, then immediately made the 125-mile trip east to Elmira

SLC to Olivia L. Langdon, 20 Jan 1870, Hornellsville, N.Y. (UCCL 00414), n. 2.

The train from Dunkirk, past Salamanca to Hornellsville would have been the New York and Erie.  

January 20 - Hornell Library, Hornellsville, New York

Back to Salamanca on the New York and Erie then to Jamestown on the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad.

January 21 - Institute Hall, Jamestown, New York

The trip back from Jamestown to Elmira could have been as much as 167 miles.

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