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The November portion of Mark Twain's Three Speeches Tour begins in Boston, Massachusetts, 


November 1 - Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"

Livy darling, it was a bad night, but we had a packed house, & if the papers say any disparaging things, don’t you believe a single word of it, for I never saw a lecture go off so magnificently before. I tell you it made me feel like my old self again. I wanted to talk a week. People say Boston audiences ain’t responsive. People lie. Boston audiences get perfectly uproarious when they get started. I am satisfied with to-night.  SLC to OLC, 1 Nov 1871, Boston, Mass. (UCCL 00669), n. 1. 

From Boston to Exeter, New Hampshire there are two possible routes:

The eastern route takes the Boston and Maine, Eastern Division to Portsmouth; the Portsmouth and Concord to Newmarket; then the Boston and Maine Railroad south to Exeter.  The western route uses the Boston and Maine Railroad to Wilmington; the Manchester and Lawrence Railroad to Lawrence; and the Boston and Maine north to Exeter.

November 2 - Town Hall, Exeter, New Hampshire - "Artemus Ward"

From Exeter south to Andover, Massachusetts,  Twain would have taken the Boston and Maine RR to Lawrence,  then the Manchester and Lawrence RR to Andiover.

November 3 -  Town Hall Andover, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"

It has been suggested that Twain returned to Hartford for the weekend following his lecture in Andover.  He returned to Boston. From Boston are two possible routes:  The northernmost is the Boston and Albany to Springfield then the New Haven, Hartford and Springfield to Hartford. 

The southern route is the Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad to Hartford. 

Returning to the lecture circuit, Twain would probably have retraced is route to Boston and then the Boston and Maine to Malden.

November 6 - Town Hall, Malden, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward". 

He traveled back to Hartford on the 7th.

November 8 - Allyn Hall, Hartford, Connecticut - "Artemus Ward"

Twain's most likely route to Worcester would have been on the New Haven, Hartford and Springfield Railroad  to Springfield and the Western Railroad to Worcester.

November 9 - Mechanics Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts

- "Artemus Ward":  “1700 of the staidest, puritanical people you ever saw—one of the hardest gangs to move, that ever was. I’m going to bed—I’m disgusted” [MTL 4: 487].

Twain would likely have taken the  Boston and Worcester  from Worcester to Boston, and possibly a short length of the Boston and Providence through Boston to the Old Colony and Fall River railroad to Randolph.

November 10 - Stetson Hall, Randolph, Massachusetts

- "Artemus Ward":  Sam had a “delightful & jolly little audience.” He spent the night in Randolph.  Sam woke at 6 AM and traveled to Boston, where he had breakfast and then wrote Livy at 11 AM. Feeling “rusty & stupid,” Sam wrote:  “You see those country hotels always ring a gong at 6 & another at half-past, & between the two they would snake out Lazarus himself, let alone me, who am a light sleeper when nervous” [MTL 4: 488].

November 11 - Boston, Massachusetts, Boston Press Club

November 13 - Mechanic's Hall, Boston, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"

From Boston to Manchester there are two possible routes.  The Boston and Lowell Railroad to Lowell ;  the Nashua and Lowell to Nashua, which was operated jointly with the Boston and Lowell; then the Concord to Manchester. The eastern route could be the Boston and Maine to Lawrence then the Manchester and Lawrence to Manchester.

November 14 - Smyth's Hall, Manchester, New Hampshire - "Artemus Ward"

From Manchester, Twain would have returned to Lowell on the Manchester and Lawrence, and from there the Boston and Maine to Haverhill.

November 15 - City Hall, Haverhill, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"

Livy darling, it was a dreadfully stormy night, the train was delayed a while, & when I got to the hall it was half an hour after the time for the lecture to begin. But not a soul had left the house. I went right on through the audience in my overcoat & overshoes with carpet bag in hand & undressed on the stage in full view. It was no time to stand on ceremony. I told them I knew they were indignant with me, & righteously so—& that if any aggrieved gentleman would rise in his place & abuse me for 15 minutes, I would feel better, would take it as a great kindness, & would do as much for him some time. That broke the ice & we went through with colors flying & drums beating.  SLC to OLC, 15 Nov 1871, Haverhill, Mass. (UCCL 00674), n. 1

From Haverhill to Dover aboard the Boston and Maine, then the Portland, Saco and Portsmouth to Portland, Maine.

November 16 - City Hall, Portland, Maine - "Artemus Ward"

Livy darling—this is one of my pet places. A wretched, rainy, stormy night, but one of the most packed & crowded audiences ever seen in Portland. Lecture went off magnificently.1 Been receiving congratulations till now— 1 A.M. SLC to OLC, 17 Nov 1871, Portland, Maine (UCCL 00676), n. 1. 

Returns to Haverhill and Lawrence and then taken the Boston and Lowell to Lowell.

November 17 - Huntington Hall, Lowell, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"

Twain returns to Hartford on the 18th, probably via Boston onboard the Boston and Lowell to Boston.  From Boston are two possibilities.  He may have taken the Boston and Albany to Springfield and the Hartford and New Haven to Hartford.

He might have taken the Boston, Hartford and Erie (later to be known as the New York and New England Railroad) to Hartford.

November 20 Monday – Sam took the morning train from Hartford to New York, the New Haven, Hartford and Springfield then the New York and New Haven.  Twain then and made connections to Philadelphia, Camden and Amboy with the New Jersey to Trenton, or the Camden and Amboy then the Camden and Atlantic at Bordentown.

November 20 - Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - "Artemus Ward"

November 21 - Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, New York - "Artemus Ward"

Hudson River Railroad

November 22 - Washington Hall, Rondout, New York - "Artemus Ward"

From Rondout to Easton, PA Twain would take the Hudson River Railroad back to New York City then the Central Railroad of New Jersey to Hampton and Easton.

November 23 - Court House, Easton, Pennsylvania - "Artemus Ward"

Lehigh and Susquehanna from Easton to Allentown; East Pennsylvania Railroad to Reading.

November 24 - Keystone Opera House, Reading, Pennsylvania - "Artemus Ward"

Twain spent the weekend in Elmira:  Philadelphia and Reading to Pottsville;  Shamokin Valley and Pottsville to Sunbury;  Philadelphia and Erie to Williamsport;  Williamsport and Elmira to Elmira.

From Elmira to Bennington, the  New York and Erie then the Albany and Susquehanna (leased to the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company) to Albany.  From Albany to Bennington ran the Fitchburg RR.

It's also possible he traveled further north from Elmira and took the New York Central to Albany.

November 27 - Bennington, Vermont - "Artemus Ward"

November 28 - Tweddle Hall, Albany, New York - "Artemus Ward"

From Albany to Newark would involve the Hudson River RR to New York City, then the New Jersey Central and the Morris and Essex lines.

November 29 - Opera House, Newark, New Jersey - "Artemus Ward"