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November 1 - Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"

The 1870 kml files indicate a route to Exeter via a no-name line from Boston to Salem, then the Northern to Newburyport and then to Portsmouth.  The files include a line from Portsmouth to Concord, the Concord and Portsmouth.  There is no direct connection to Exeter depicted.  The USGS quads indicate the no-name line to be the Eastern Division of the Boston and Maine to Portsmouth.  A more western route may have been available to Twain, the Boston and Lowell to Lawrence, then the Boston and Maine mainline to Exeter.  If Twain had taken the eastern route, the quads indicate that the Boston and Maine connects to the Portsmouth Branch of the Concord and Montreal (the same line as the Concord and Portsmouth) just north of Exeter.

November 2 - Town Hall, Exeter, New Hampshire - "Artemus Ward"

From Exeter to Lawrence, Twain would have taken the Boston and Maine RR; the 1870 kml files indicate the Manchester and Lawrence RR to Andiover, the USGS map shows the Boston and Lowell RR.

November 3 - Andover, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"

It has been suggested that Twain returned to Hartford for the weekend following his lecture in Andover.  Following the 1870 kml lines, he would have taken the Manchester and Lawrence to Wilmington Junction, then the Boston and Maine to Boston.  The USGS quads have him on the Boston and Lowell for the entire run to Boston.  From Boston to Hartford the kml files are not particularly helpful.  There are three possible lines  running west from Boston.  The northernmost is the Boston and Worcester, [Boston & Albany]  running to Worcester [See Boston and Albany].  The middle route is the Norfolk County railroad displayed in a hypothetical line to North Grosvenor Dale.  The southernmost route is the Boston and Providence Railroad.  If Twain had traveled to Worcester, he would then have taken the Boston & Albany RR to Springfield.  The southern route uses the Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad to Hartford.  If Twain had taken the Norfolk County line he would have needed to change to the Norwich and Worcester and connect with the Hartford, Providence and Fishkill.  The USGS maps are some 20 years later than the 1870 kml files and are easier to follow.  There are two possible routes between Boston and Hartford.  The northernmost is the Boston and Albany railroad from Boston to Springfield, The New York, New Haven and Hartford from Springfield to Hartford.  The southern route of the USGS quads begins with the  New York and New England Railroad  Much of the line is labeled as the New York, New Haven and Hartford, Midland Division.   The NY, NH & H is from maps dated at 1886 and 1887.  The NY&NE is dated at 1892 and 1893.

Returning to the lecture circuit, Twain would probably have retraced is route to Boston and then to Malden.

November 6 - Town Hall, Malden, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"

November 8 - Allyn Hall, Hartford, Connecticut - "Artemus Ward"

Twain's most likely route to Worcester would have been on the New Haven, Hartford and Springfield Railroad changing to the Boston & Albany for the run between Springfield and Worcester.

November 9 - Mechanics Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"

Twain would likely have taken the Boston & Albany from Worcester to Boston, then the Old Colony and Fall River railroad to Randolph.

November 10 - Stetson Hall, Randolph, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"

November 11 - Boston, Massachusetts, Boston Press Club

November 13 - Mechanic's Hall, Boston, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"

From Boston to Manchester would begin with the Boston and Lowell Railroad; the Stony Brook line through Lowell; the Nashua and Lowell to Nashua; then the Cocheco to Manchester.

November 14 - Smyth's Hall, Manchester, New Hampshire - "Artemus Ward"

From Manchester, Twain would have returned to Lowell, taken the Stony Brook to Lawrence and from there the Boston and Maine to Haverhill.

November 15 - City Hall, Haverhill, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"

From Haverhill to Dover aboard the Boston and Maine, then the Portland, Saco and Portsmouth to Portland, Maine.

November 16 - City Hall, Portland, Maine - "Artemus Ward"

Returns to Haverhill and Lawrence and then take the Stony Brook to Lowell.

November 17 - Huntington Hall, Lowell, Massachusetts - "Artemus Ward"

Twain returns to Hartford, probably via Boston onboard the Boston and Lowell, then the long trip to Hartford.  November 20 Monday – Sam took the morning train from Hartford to New York, the New Haven, Hartford and Springfield then the New York and New Haven.  Twain then and made connections to Philadelphia, Camden and Amboy with the New Jersey to Trenton, or the Camden and Amboy then the Camden and Atlantic at Bordentown.

November 20 - Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - "Artemus Ward"

November 21 - Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, New York - "Artemus Ward"

Hudson River Railroad

November 22 - Washington Hall, Rondout, New York - "Artemus Ward"

From Rondout to Easton, PA Twain would take the Hudson River Railroad back to New York City then the New Jersey Central to Hampton and the Central Railroad of New Jersey to Easton.

November 23 - Court House, Easton, Pennsylvania - "Artemus Ward"

Lebanon Valley Railroad from Easton to Allentown; East Pennsylvania Railroad to Laureldale; and the Philadelphia and Reading into Reading.

November 24 - Keystone Opera House, Reading, Pennsylvania - "Artemus Ward"

Twain spent the weekend in Elmira:  Philadelphia and Reading to Pottsville;  Shamokin Valley and Pottsville to Sunbury;  Philadelphia and Erie to Williamsport;  Williamsport and Elmira to Elmira.

From Elmira to Bennington, the 1870 kml files:  Chemung Railroad to North Elmira;  New York and Erie to Binghamton; no name lines to Albany; from there are two possible routes, the Albany and Vermont to Hoosick Junction or the Troy and Bennington to Eagle Bridge.  There is no direct line to Bennington found in the kml collection. 

The later USGS quad maps show railroads beginning in Elmira with an unnamed branch from Elmira to Horseheads; the Lehigh Valley Railroad, Elmira to Cortland Branch to Gridleyville; the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, Ithica Branch to Owego; the New York and Erie to Binghamton; the Delaware and Hudson, Susquehanna Division to Sidney; the Delaware and Hudson Canal Co to Albany; the Fitchburg Railroad to Hoosick and the Fitchburg, Bennington Branch to Bennington.

November 27 - Bennington, Vermont - "Artemus Ward"

November 28 - Tweddle Hall, Albany, New York - "Artemus Ward"

From Albany to Newark would involve the Hudson River RR to New York City, then the New Jersey Central and the Morris and Essex lines.

November 29 - Opera House, Newark, New Jersey - "Artemus Ward"