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November – Sam and Charles Webster wrote to New York Governor David Hill) urging that Frank M. Scott, former bookkeeper at Webster & Co., serving a six-year sentence for embezzling, be pardoned [MTNJ 3: 497n49]. Up until this time Sam was adamant and hostile for punishment of Scott, so the turnaround suggests someone else’s influence, say Livy’s?

Selections from Connecticut Yankee appeared in the Century magazine as agreed the prior May.

In this month or the next, Sam wrote “All right. / SLC” on Chatto’s Preface to CY [MTP]. Note: since release date in England was Dec. 6, it’s likely Sam approved this sometime during November.

November or DecemberCharles Heber Clark, who wrote under the pseudonym “Max Adeler” telegraphed Sam sometime “not long before the ‘Yankee’ was published,” openly accusing Sam of plagiarism. The telegram has not been found though Sam’s referred to it in a New York World article of Jan. 12, 1890, “Mark Twain at Home” [Ketterer, MTJ: 24:1 (1986), 24]. Note: This Clark is not to be confused with Charles Hopkins Clark of the Hartford Courant.

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