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November 11 Friday – In Hartford. Sam wrote to Andrew Chatto answering his note and the English copy of P&P sent. Sam liked the paper and print, but thought the U.S. engravings came “out a little cleaner than yours do.” Sam thanked them for “making that continental arrangement” for him:

“I think you did the right thing to prefer Tauchnitz at £75, instead of a new man—for there is neither wisdom nor fairness in changing publishers except for good & palpable business reasons;—& in this case these were lacking” [MTP].

Sam also wrote to Orion, thanking him for the bag of large hickory nuts, and some old documents suspected to be written by their father, John Marshall Clemens.

“Think pa did not write the 1802 one—he was only 3 years old, then” [MTP].

Sam also wrote to Henry Hooker & Co., Carriages, letter not extant but referred to in the company’s Nov. 19 reply. Evidently Sam wanted a new carriage.

Sam also wrote to John W. Sanborn to thank him for a book sent Nov. 8.

I have glanced at one page only, thus far, (Page 11), but the way you sail into the Adjective there, warms my heart. I have always wished that somebody would expose the adjective, for it certainly richly deserves it. It is just as you say: the Adjective is a (n) regular, irregular, numeral, cardinal, ordinal, distributive, indeclinable, bloody nuisance…[MTP].

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