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First joint reading in a big city to “a very large audience”. (pg 17, Cardwell)

Touring with Cable and Huck provides reviews from three Boston papers; The Boston Globe, Post and Transcript.

From the Boston Herald, November 12, 1884, page 4:


"Mark Twain (Mr. S. L. Clemens) and George W. Cable are much puzzled to fix upon their programme of readings at Music Hall tomorrow evening. Mr. Clemens says that the selections announced in these columns are all right, but as they may be made to last from one to six hours, according to circumstances, he is in doubt about retaining them. He promised, however, that the audience shall be told by a reliable person when the show is over so that there need be no doubt about when to leave the hall."

Included in the Boston, Massachusetts page (linked here) is a Rashoman tale of Twain and Cable trying to drown a crazy woman. Reported in the Boston Herald Supplement for November 13, 1884

This is also the date that Sam became a member of the Montreal Snow Shoe Club. 

Railroads:  Fitchburg, Boston and Maine

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