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Touring with Cable and Huck has Twain and Cable in  Hartford, Connecticut

"If they appeared in Hartford, by my calculations, it would have had to have been a midday or early afternoon appearance and then jumped on a train to Plainfield to get there by the late afternoon. Clemens was in Hartford that weekend and MTP shows one letter written from Hartford on that date. It is also possible Clemens, by himself, gave a small reading to a group in Hartford prior to departing for Plainfield" (email correspondence from Barbara Schmidt, March 4, 2015)

It seems unlikely, given Turner's report that Cable spent Sunday in Worcester, that they would both be in Hartford. Both, however, made it to New York City and then to Plainfield, NJ.

"Owing to outside attractions the appearance of Mark Twain and George W. Cable at the Music Hall last evening failed to attract as large a number as was confidently expected would welcome these well-known authors to this city. There was, however, a fair number present who listened with marked appreciation to the selections which were rendered. In opening, Mr. Cable requested any among the audience who might be carried away by the Democratic demonstration outside to leave whatever sky rockets or Roman candles they might have about them at the door." From Evening News, Plainfield New Jersey November 18, 1884 Courtesy courtesy of Plainfield Public Library.

Sam and Cable traveled to New York. The Times reported Sam staying at the Everett House [Nov. 18, 1884 “Personal Intelligence,” p2]

Railroads:  New Haven and NorthamptonNew York and New HavenNew Jersey Central

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