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March 2 Wednesday  In the evening, Sam and Twichell returned home from West Point [MTP letter Mar. 3 to Anthony]. Twichell’s journal notes Sam and Joe “returned home charmed with our visit…” [Yale, copy at MTP].

Goertz Bros. “Sole agents for Lion Brewery,” Hartford, billed $7.90 for 10 & ½ doz. of pilsner beer @ .75; paid [MTP].

Augustus Saint-Gaudens wrote to advise Sam that he’d seen Gerhardt last evening and given him advice for his studio in Paris, and also referred him to Mrs. Montayne Flagg in Paris and Francis Davis Millet in NY [MTP].

Charles E.S. Wood wrote from West Point to send Sam some Academy publications. “…I know you will extract much profit from this literature without my assistance. / The men would be very glad to add your photograph—at your convenience—to the ‘Visitors Album’ ” [MTP].

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