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March 3 Thursday – Sam wrote from Hartford to A.V.S. Anthony (1835-1906), Osgood’s design director who was also an engraver.

“I don’t know what the size of the new work [P&P] will be. I suggest that it be the size & shape of ‘Sketches, Old & New’—I think Osgood approves” [MTP].

Sam also wrote to Howells.

Did you get my letter telling of the blunder I made about dinner & the Warners—& asking you & Mrs. Howells & Winny to come as soon as you can & stay as long as you can spare time for? I ask because Mrs. Clemens says she kept it back from the mail to have a lot of slanders upon her knocked out of it, & she thinks it was then mislaid & lost. Ys Ever Mark [MTHL 1: 357]. Note: Evidently, Livy was the mail censor of at least some of Sam’s letters, or so he claimed.

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