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March 10 Thursday – Sam gave a reading at the “African Church” (A.M.E. Zion Church, Pearl St., Hfd.) in Hartford. He included Uncle Remus’s “Tar Baby” (see Feb. 27 entry to Howells). Paine on Sam’s interactions with black folks:

“Clemens would go out of his way any time to grant favor to the colored race. His childhood associations were partly accountable for this, but he also felt that the white man owed the negro a debt for generations of enforced bondage. He would lecture any time in a colored church, when he would as likely as not refuse point-blank to speak for a white congregation. Once, in Elmira, he received a request, poorly and none too politely phrased, to speak for one of the churches. He was annoyed and about to send a brief refusal, when Mrs. Clemens, who was present, said”:

“I think I know that church, and if so this preacher is a colored man; he does not know how to write a polished letter—how should he?” Her husband’s manner changed so suddenly that she added:

“I will give you a motto, and it will be useful to you if you will adopt it: Consider every man colored until he is proved white” [MTLP 394].

Put-In-Bay Island Wine Co., Ohio billed Sam $15.80 for ½ bbl, 24 gallons red wine; paid Mar. 21 [MTP].

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