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March 12 Saturday – R.P. Kenyon & Co., New York, billed $4 to Sam for “1 silk hat for coachman del to McLear” (Patrick McAleer); paid Mar. 18 [MTP].

Mary Fairbanks wrote from Cleveland, “just home,” and found his letter waiting, which had “not miffed” her “in the least.” She’d spent “Thursday night and Friday in Elmira, and you and Livy’s ears must have burned…for we talked of you till my throat failed me” [MTP]. Note: Sam wrote on the env., “From ‘Mother’ Fairbanks / About 1881 / Imp”

A.V.S. Anthony wrote from Boston to send two drawings, “Off at Court,” and “Canty & the Priest.” He felt Tom was a bit young perhaps [MTP]. Note: Sam wrote on the env., “Prince & Pauper / First 2 pictures / Anthony”

Charles E.S. Wood wrote to Clemens printed enclosure re: court martial of Cadet Private Victor P. Richardson enclosure. His sin was allowing members of his section to talk in ranks. “When your request to know the result of the Cadet trial was received the order was not published. / The next day I left for Baltimore…” The Cadet was dismissed from the service, then the verdict was reversed and he was returned to duty [MTP].

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