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September 15 Sunday – Sam inscribed a copy of IA with his “truth….economise” aphorism to Miss Josephine S. Hobby, his stenographer for his autobiographical dictations [MTP].

Isabel Lyon’s journal: I wrote a poem for T.

Such a depression I have after people have been dining here. It’s lovely to have them, but I perish over them, too. Mr. and Mrs. Sampson and Lucia Hull have been here this evening. The King has been so troubled over publishing Captain Stormfields’s Visit to Heaven that he has been collecting opinions. Tonight he read parts of it to the guests, but they have no comment to make save one of approval. I am glad. This morning I had an hour with the King. He hadn’t slept over well because there is a cricket in his room, but he was full of sweet words and savage ones too, and he finished all by reading the recent dictation about meeting Lady Stanley in London and the recent finding of the Holy Grail. It is a good piece of dictating. We drove around the Nigger Pond Road this afternoon, and Mr. Porter does take a lovely and wholesome interest in the place. I am so glad we asked for Lucia Hull, for Mr. Porter liked her, and after she left paid her the vast compliment of saying that you can hunt the world over and not find another girl like her for frankness, etc. [MTP TS 104-105]. Note: Robert P. Porter of Oxford England was visiting .

Alma Parker Harvey (Mrs. George Harvey) wrote from Deal, NJ to Sam. “I sent you two nightshirts like same George said that you liked. I hope that you will receive them and … they are really like the one you wore the night that you were here. It gave us great pleasure to have you with us even for one night. Our only regret was that you could not stay longer “[MTP]. Note: it is not clear just what night prior to this Sam spent at Deal with the Harveys.

Dorothy Quick wrote to Sam. “I am quite sure you have forgotten me and I am very unhappy it is ever and ever so long since I got a real letter from you I was delighted with our skeletons I tried and tried but could not do it at all in fact we all tried you will have to show me how[.] I do wish you would come and spend some Saturday and Sunday with me[.] I miss you so much…I am in love with my school and the teachers. / With lots and lots of love and a hundred kisses” [MTP]. Note: in file a staff note informs that Dorothy started school in Plainfield this day; also that “skeletons” mentioned in Quick’s book, Enchantment, p. 149


Day By Day Acknowledgment

Mark Twain Day By Day was originally a print reference, meticulously created by David Fears, who has generously made this work available, via the Center for Mark Twain Studies, as a digital edition.