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September 21 Saturday – Early in the morning Sam left Tuxedo Park for N.Y.C., where he boarded the Kanawha and left for Jamestown, Va. with Harry Rogers and his wife Mary

Benjamin Rogers, to attend the Robert Fulton Day celebration. Sam would preside at the ceremonies.

Isabel Lyon’s journal: We started for town at 9:24, the King to go to the yacht (Ashcroft met him) and I down to the old Dominion Line to meet mother. We lunched at a queer little restaurant on West Street, walking blocks to find some place besides the sailor saloons and such places, and then we went back to the Hamilton where we made ourselves comfortable and waited for her to sail out at 3 o’clock. We left a crashing thunderstorm behind us, and sailed into another one and later the moon sailed serenely up over her glorious track in the sea. The Captain who had been given a letter about me found me by accident, and he was a delightful long lank man of 60-odd. He took us to his cabin, and we had a darling time with him, for he has a keen sense of humor and talked about the King and the King’s books, for he has read and reread them all [MTP TS 107].

Frances M. Hoyt wrote from Tuxedo Park, NY to invite Sam and Miss Lyon and “a few friends” for tea on Saturday afternoon Sept. 21 at 5 p.m. to meet her niece, Mrs. Henry Ludlow Beadel [MTP].

George Thomson Wilson for Pilgrims of the U.S. sent a printed invitation for a banquet on Sept. 21 in honor of the Lord Bishop of London. Tickets $12 each [MTP].


Day By Day Acknowledgment

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